Welcome to Law-Express! I have obtained my Bachelor’s Degree and Juris Doctor Degree and currently I’m in the process of obtaining my PhD Degree. I have been conducting Legal Research and Drafting Legal Documents since 1997. I have extensive knowledge and expertise in diverse areas of the law. I have drafted legal documents and research in the following areas:

Family Law,

Tort Law,


Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights),

Immigration Law,

Personal Injury,

Labor and Employment

I will conduct legal research and provide you with same day response.

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Research and Analyzing Complex Issues

Drafting & Writing Briefs

Drafting & Writing Memorandum

Summarize Complicated Legal Documents

Draft Interrogatory Questions

Draft Deposition Questions

Perform Legal and Factual Research

Identify Statutes

Draft Correspondence

Draft Witness Lists

Draft Exhibits

Research and collect data regarding to Intellectual Property, Copyright Infringement, Trademarks

Prepare Infringement Letters

Review Patent Applications and Trademark Applications

Draft Cease and Desist Letters

Check for Proper Use of a Trademark

Prepare Documentation For Litigation and Patent Prosecution

Draft Stipulations

Draft Disclosure Statements

Draft Discovery Requests/Responses

Draft Statement of Facts

Draft Motions

Research legal sources that consists of Statutes, Administrative Records, Legislative histories, Rules and Regulations

File Patent Application

Coordinate and Prepare Documentation for Litigation and Patent Prosecution

Research information regarding Intellectual Property Rights, Case Law, Copyright Infringement Actions

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